A Good Day

Today is going to be a good day. I can just feel it.

I have to go to work in a half hour. I enjoy my job most days. I just don’t love it. I take care of elderly in their homes. It is definitely rewarding, I’ll say that. It is also emotionally draining. I know I plan going into nursing but I don’t plan on working with the elderly.

The gentleman I care for today is a very sweet man. I feel very attached to him.

I just wish I didn’t smell like an “old person” when I leave work.

When I get home, I will watch General Conference. I love listening to the leaders of the church speak. It comforts me. Since we have a DVR, I also don’t have to miss any of the talks while I’m working. Or miss them because my husband doesn’t want to watch them because sports or something more entertaining to him is on.

Watching General Conference not only is a way for me to hear the Lord’s plan for today, but it helps me conquer feelings of poor self worth, depression and makes me realize that no matter what I am dealing with in life, the Lord is making the burden feel lighter.

It is going to be a good day.


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