Forgive me, I’m new here.

Well…my name is Cinderelly and I have been sober for… No, I’m kidding. I live in northern Wisconsin in a small town. Married, two stepsons, three cats. I don’t have a very exciting life. So now I’m sure you’re asking the big question. Why the heck is she writing a blog then?

Because while my life is ordinary, I have one aspect of my wonderful, storybook life that needs discussing. Since I can’t afford therapy right now, this is my way of getting things out there. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which has led to a little problem.

When I married my husband, I never thought infertility would really come knocking at my door. Oh, I was told I would have problems. I thought it would take a few months tops. Well, Mother Nature is sticking her tongue out at me and chanting (in a nasally, whiny voice) “Na Na nah boo boo.”

So this is my story. After trying to get pregnant with my doctor’s help (and my hubby’s too), we have no money. We are now trying to get this done on our own using herbs and lots of prayers. Will it work? I sure hope so.


What's your thought on this?

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