Who inspires me?

I know I should say my parents, Oprah, etc., etc., etc. But a friend on Facebook asked me to like this incredible girl’s page.

Click here to go to her site.

Her name is Jessica Joy Rees and she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She has tons of optimism and a great outlook on life. Her motto is NEGU- never ever give up.

She is also the creator of Joy Jars. I am using her description from her website because I couldn’t do a better job.

JoyJars™ are a new way to help spread Joy to children who are hospitalized or fighting serious medical conditions! It’s simple, easy, and anyone can do it. Each jarcan be customized and filled with just about any contents. Have a friend with a sweet tooth? Give them a JoyJar filled with their favorite candy. The JoyJars will be available in multiple sizes and we will also have artwork online so that you can download it and decorate a jar you might have at home.

Please pop onto her website and show some support.

(Please forgive the giant link. I’m still getting used to this.)


What's your thought on this?

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