I just love it.

I’m never sure what to get as a souvenir when I go on vacation. A t-shirt will not fit me in a few years or it will wear out. We don’t have shelf space for knick-knacks. Coffee mugs and the like won’t have a place in our galley of a kitchen.

So I came up with a solution.

Christmas ornaments.

I was complaining last year that almost all the ornaments on our tree were from K’s first marriage. I actually told him I hated the ornaments. Not my taste. The starter wife had really cutesy taste. I personally do not like Precious Moments or baby penguins stuck in stockings. So they were put in a box for Frick and Frack to sort through and take when they are adults.

Unfortunately, the NFL themed bulbs have to stay on our tree for years to come.

With 85% of the ornaments now labeled ornamentus not gratus, the tree is going to look awfully bare. Solution needed.

While on vacation to Oklahoma, we stopped at Ozarkland, this really cheesy tourist trap (souvenir shop, actually) and were looking at the items. K gets a big kick out of the hillbilly items they have in stock there. I saw this beautiful porcelain heart with dogwood blossoms painted on it and decided we would fill our tree with ornaments that we found on vacation or that mark a special event in our lives.

When I showed K the heart, he said it would be too heavy for the tree. Sadly, I put it back.

I don’t love this ornament as much as the dogwood blossom heart, but it is still a great reminder of our vacation. I can imagine us decorating the tree thirty years from now and sharing these memories as we unwrap each ornament.


What's your thought on this?

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