Anniversary Hotel Stay

This last weekend a good friend of K’s got married. Since our anniversary was Monday, we decided to make a nice little getaway out of the weekend.

We left as soon as K got home from work on Friday. We dropped Frack of at K’s dad’s house then headed to the hotel.

We stayed at the Hotel Sierra in Green Bay, which is where the wedding would be held. Now, K and I stay in hotels often enough, but they are mostly big chains like Holiday Inn. I knew the hotel was a bit more luxurious than what we were used to but it was nicer than I thought it would be.

They gave us eight free drink tickets (two per person per night) and tickets for their continental breakfast.


When we got up to the room, I was even more impressed.

The couch in the sitting area was so comfy!

The TV was much bigger in real life. K was in love. He wanted to take it home.

The bar was pretty nice. Between the sink and coffee maker were bottles of water from the cold, clear springs of Polar, Wisconsin. Whoo-eeee! At the reasonable price of $2.50 a bottle, I gladly drank tap water.

I had no idea Francis Ford Coppola had a vineyard. Maybe if I drank alcohol, that bit of information would not have escaped my education. $11.95 per bottle. But you can purchase the corkscrew for $5.00.

I loved the bedroom. It had a teeny metal balcony that would cost you five hundred dollars if you smoked off it. I love that this hotel had a charge added to your credit card if you smoked in the room. Nothing worse than having a room smell like an ash tray.

There was also a spot to put your makeup on.


And the pictures right by it were gorgeous.


The bed was very comfy. It’s been a long time since I have slept so well on a mattress.


And of course, I can’t forget to mention the bathrobes provided in the room for us. Here is K modeling one for us.

He was quite perturbed with me for taking that picture. He was watching TV and complained that he was naked. Whatever, that’s what the robe is for. I did crop out his long skinny stork legs though. Don’t want any of you men getting jealous.

Except for going to the wedding, we didn’t do much. We headed down to the hotel’s pub for supper Friday night. K had a burger and a couple of beers. I had the Greek salad and two Virgin Marys. We put our drink to good use. We then headed to the hotel bar where K got a bit tipsy with Nate (the groom) and the groomsmen. I drank ice water because it didn’t cost anything. I hate spending money on myself.

Most of the time we just relaxed in our room.



It was a lovely weekend. I was kind of sad to go home. Unfortunately, we both had to work Monday morning so we couldn’t stay an extra night.

I really liked the Hotel Sierra, especially the green apple theme. I can’t wait to stay there again. Too bad it probably won’t be sooner than next year. Although, Hotel Sierra powers that be, since I so nicely wrote about you, maybe a free weekend stay would be proper recompense.


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