Bridesmaids and Date Night


For our anniversary, we had a date night at the movies. Since we didn’t want to drive to Appleton to go to the movies, we decided to head to the theater in Shawano. They were only playing four movies: Thor 3D, Fast Five, Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids.

I am not a fan of the Fast and Furious movies, neither one of us wanted to see Thor and Ken didn’t want to see a chick flick. So we decided to see Bridesmaids because I told Ken it was a female version of The Hangover.

It was not like The Hangover. It was wittier and funnier and written much better.

I could have done without the very awkward sex scene. It just made me uncomfortable and was completely unnecessary. They could have implied her boyfriend was inattentive in bed without being so graphic. I also didn’t appreciate the cuss words. I didn’t notice too many but I could have been laughing too hard to hear them.

Kristen Wiig shines as Annie, who’s asked to be her best friend’s maid of honor. Her fellow bridesmaids are a diverse group of women: the newlywed wearing rose colored glasses, the frustrated mom with teenage boys, the very unfeminine sister of the groom (the actress plays Molly on Mike & Molly) and the best friend from work who tries to prove she’s the better friend.

Major bonus is Chris O’Dowd playing a sexy Irish state trooper/love interest. He’s so cute in a dorky way. I have a new crush.

Ken laughed his bum off and keeps quoting the movie. Too bad it’s part of the movie that has a cuss word.

I could tell you more but I won’t. Go see this movie. If you don’t want to see the sex scene, go get popcorn the first five minutes of the movie. It is rated R so some may object to seeing it. Wait til it airs on cable to watch it.

It was funny and sweet without being a “chick flick”. Just see it and see.


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