I locked myself out of the house today.

I was loading recyclables into my truck to take to the dump and shut the door behind me. I thought I had the keys in my pocket but I was wrong.

Of course we don’t have a spare key hidden because K is paranoid that someone will break into our house. Which is also why no windows are unlocked and the doors are always locked.

Darn my husband for caring about our safety.

So I started knocking on the neighbor’s doors so I could call someone to unlock the door. Then realized that my husband has no cell phone and my kids don’t answer their phones if they don’t recognize the number on Caller ID.

Since the only window that was unlocked was in our stairwell and in-between the first and second floors, I borrowed a ladder to break into my house. I climbed up and broke into my house.

Of course, this weekend was the city-wide rummage sale. So most of my neighbors saw me climb into my house. I’m sure that was an attractive angle of my backside.

I feel like such an idiot. Probably because that’s the third time this has happened. But this is the first time I’ve had to break into my own home.

So, K, now can we hide a spare key outside?


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