Nervous and Scared

I’ve been having pains in the right side of my pelvic area for a month now. They started out as just an occasional twinge then would come more often and every day. Then intercourse became painful. Now the pain is constant and has been getting sharper for the last three days.

I went to the dr on Thursday for a follow-up on some blood work to find out why I was so fatigued. (Recovering from mono and a vitamin D deficiency, thank you very much.). I asked about the pain. She was very concerned and told me to make an appointment with my OB/GYN as soon as I could.

She has me terrified because she said she’s worried I might have an ectopic pregnancy.

When I set up the appointment, the nurse just told me if the pain became intense I should go to the ER.

The appointment is tomorrow. K is taking a half day off work to take me. Then we are going to a baseball game with friends.

What if it’s bad news? What if I have to have surgery? I’m so glad K will be with me. I’m scared that we will get bad news and then have to put on a happy face for our friends.

I just hope whatever this is doesn’t make it physically impossible to get pregnant.


What's your thought on this?

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