Infertility is one big waiting game. You wait to ovulate. Then comes the two week wait. If you get a negative pregnancy test, you wait for your period to start. You wait to see the doctor. You wait for test results. You wait for the go ahead to start treatment. You wait for the nurse to call. You wait until you have enough money saved to start another procedure/medication.

All this waiting can drive a woman batty. Life begins to revolve around waiting. While all this waiting is happening, the world continues to turn. The sun rises and sets. Babies are born and old folks die. Life keeps occurring, even though we feel the world is suspended while all this waiting is going on.

After having a cyst that burst, my doctor said my ovaries have never looked healthier. So now I’m waiting for my cycle to start so I can wait to ovulate then wait for those two pink lines (fingers crossed).

Only my appointment was a week and a half ago and it looked I was ready to start in a few days then. Right now, I’ve had horrible cramps for the last two days and still no sign of dear old Aunt Flo. I’ve never wanted my period to come so much.

I guess it’s more of the old hurry up and wait for this gal.


What's your thought on this?

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