Family Reunion and JMC

Saturday was K’s family reunion. Good times. I don’t mind K’s family. They are best taken in small doses though. It was hot and sticky but it didn’t feel too bad. I just wish I wouldn’t have drank so much soda. Here’s some pictures to show you the good time we didn’t have.

That’s me, looking fat-tastic, sitting between K and his aunt Joann. I don’t remember what I was explaining to K’s preggo cousin sitting across from me. Probably talking about how much K and I love not having cell phones anymore.

I always worry about people judging me for the 60 pounds I’ve put on since I started dating K four years ago. Damn PCOS. I really have no need to worry. Look at K’s family.

They are nice people. K is not a big family get-together person so I lied and said I had a headache so we could go home. I’m an awesome wife like that.

Just one more picture before I move onto the next subject.

Oh yeah! That sweet little one year old is fetching her daddy a beer and Mommy a soda. Gotta train ’em young.

(BTW, I stole these pics from an aunt’s Facebook page. I had the camera along but was too lazy to take any pictures.)

So we went home and took a nap. Then off to Paperfestin Kimberly for a free Jason Michael Carroll concert.

It was awesome. We only spent $10 the entire night and did I mention the admission was free. I’m cheap like that. I had a gyro and a root beer float while K had a couple Mt. Dews and we shared a pickle on a stick.

I don’t think K understands the concept of foods on a stick. You presupposed to hold the stick. I also don’t know why he has a duck face but he never has a nice face in pictures. Do you know we have wedding pictures with his tongue sticking out?

The concert was great. My camera sucks donkey balls so I didn’t get any good pictures. Here are some crappy ones.

Doesn’t that guy in the 2nd picture look totally insane? Also, the guitarist on the right looks like a less muscular version of Gerard Butler. I was so hot and bothered by him, I think I made K jealous. I think I may have needed a fresh pair of undies, he was that sexy.

This is a picture of the crowd I stole from JMC’s Twitter page.

I wanted to take pics of all the weirdos but it was too obvious if I just aimed my camera at people at night. The flash might set them off and make them angry.

I did manage to get one photo of one of these total douches with their skanky girlfriends.

They humped… I mean danced the entire concert. It wasn’t just swaying hips back and forth but circular moves and grinding and boobies/ass grabbing all night. And there was four couples in a row who were doing this. They must have found their whores/girlfriends at the local titty bar because there is no way in hell those fugly jerk wads could all find girlfriends.

They even grinded through “Alyssa Lies”, a song about a girl who dies from child abuse. Yeah, they were classy. The only break during the two hour show we got from this was when all four girls had to use the facilities. Too bad they couldn’t have had their Porta-Potties tipped over.

Any who, the show was great. The skanks were at their skankiest and the losers were out en masse. Oh, I also proved just how mature I am by sticking my gum to the taillight of a car that was blocking the sidewalk. I really detest walking around things, especially if I have to leave the sidewalk.


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