On a Personal Note

To those who are squeamish or icked out by the female reproductive system, this is not a post for you. I’ll give you a chance to leave the room before you see or read something you don’t want to.

All right, now that it’s just us girls, I want to talk about that time of the month. Mainly, how you can have a “green” period and save some money.

I have been recently converted to using the Diva Cup.

It’s a menstrual cup that you insert up your lady bits. Now this sounds like it’s gross or messy but it’s not. It collects the fluid and holds it until you pull it out and empty it into the toilet. Then you just wash it and pop it back in. And you only have to empty it two or three times a day. You can keep it in up to 12 hours. It doesn’t smell bad. You don’t even get yucky when you stick your fingers up there to pull it out.

I’ve used it for 4 cycles now and absolutely love it. This cycle it has been leaking a bit and I’ve been emptying it every 4 hors or so but I haven’t had a period for 4 months so I’m bleeding super heavy. Think slit a jugular heavy. But I only have to wear a pantyliner which is super nice because it’s Hades hot here right now. I don’t wear tampons because they cause worse cramps (surprisingly the Diva Cup doesn’t) and when it’s hot like this, pads cause my special area to get a rash. Sorry, TMI.

They sell a special wash to clean it with but I just use baby shampoo at home and keep a small spray bottle with a vinegar solution to rinse it if I have to empty it when I’m gone. Then I just boil it in water for about 15 minutes at the end of my cycle to kill the germs before storing it in a little cloth pouch. I thought that it would be gross and cause infections but I’ve never felt cleaner.

Here’s a picture of someone else’s cup because I’m not gonna put a picture of something that’s been in my lady cave online.

I’m saving a butt load of money using this because I don’t have to use pads and only use panty liners when I have a heavy flow. I used to spend about 12 dollars a cycle. At 10 cycles a year for me, that comes out to 120 dollars a year. I spent 30 on my Diva Cup and haven’t bought any liners yet because I still have 1/2 a box left from before. It’s already paid for itself.

It’s also good for the environment. Think about how much waste you save in a lifetime if you don’t need to purchase disposable products. It says on the package instructions that you should replace it every year but most people online say they last up to ten years. I’ll probably replace it in five though.

Sorry for such a rant but I can go on and on about how much I love this thing. Diva Cup should pay me for such a ringing endorsement.


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