Dad’s fine but leave your kid home.

Today my dad had his bypass surgery. It went well and the doctor even said his heart looked very strong. I was at the hospital when he was starting to come out of anesthesia. He looked so weak and sick though. It was a little scary. The nurse in the cardiac intensive care unit was very nice and took time to answer my questions even though they were crazy busy because there was a fire somewhere in the hospital and were running on the backup generator. Really sweet of her.

My sister was there at 5:30 am and stayed the whole day. She also brought her daughter who turns one in two weeks. I don’t care if she’s well behaved. Why would you bring a baby that young to sit in the waiting room for ten hours? She then took her back into the ICU room that my dad was recovering in. I’m sorry but babies and small children just don’t belong there. Yes she was well-behaved but she still didn’t belong there. Does anyone else agree?


What's your thought on this?

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