Two Old Biddies in a Bar

Yesterday, I went to my dad’s bar to visit my mom. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? So I was sitting down, enjoying a soda (Bad, I know. I started my period unexpectedly the day before. I deserved it.), and talking to an older woman who is good friends with my parents. Another friend of theirs came in and started talking to us. So Friend 1 asked when K and I were gonna have kids. I gave the standard answer and said we were having a bit of trouble. Right away, Friend 2, who knows my history, started in on how we are trying too hard. If we stop trying, we would have a baby, just like so and so that she knew. Friend 2 joined in. I tried to explain that that wasn’t our case. They continued, saying what I was doing wrong, we should adopt, yada, yada, yada. It went on so long that I started bawling. Then they started saying they understood how I was feeling, even though they never experienced anything like infertility. By then I was hysterical almost to the point of yelling and my mommy yelled at them to shut up or they could leave. Yay Mom for standing up to her friends! She could have done it sooner though. I dried my eyes and then we started talking about funerals and lawn care. I don’t h.old any anger against these two ladies. I was just at a very emotional point in my cycle.

After that little rant, here’s two adorable old ladies and one giant a-hole.



2 thoughts on “Two Old Biddies in a Bar

  1. Of course, the people who say that always know someone who got pregnant after they stopped trying, decided to adopt, etc. etc. Most times I try to educate but some people just know that they are right.

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