Thankful for little victories

I admit it. I’m a horrible housekeeper. When I worked a full-time job, my house was clean and fairly clutter free. Then I quit my job and now only work an average of three hours a day. There are clumps of cat hair going up the stairwell, a dining room table that I call the family dump and a house I’m embarrassed to have strangers see.

Now to the point of my story. I had my absolutely adorable niece Natalie stay with me Wednesday through Friday. We ate homemade strawberry banana smoothies twice a day, went to the park and checked out hand puppets from the library. We made her mom some birthday cupcakes that were pink and purple. We had an awesome time. She’s so much fun.


I told you she was absolutely adorable.

Friday when we took her home, I was ruminating on how my parenting and housekeeping skills suck. I told K this and said “We can’t ever have kids because I’ll be a horrible mother. I had all this free time and I spent it all playing with Natalie. I didn’t get a single cleaning project done while she was here.”

His response: “Yes, but the house didn’t get messier. You even did the dishes everyday. You’ll be fine.”

Oh, how I love that man!

P.S. My house isn’t a sty. I just ignore the clutter and kind of clean around it.


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