Brain Dump

I have a lot to talk about but nothing to fill an entire post right now. I also stole the post title from Jenna at That Wife. Click over and check out her blog.

Over the past two years, I’ve learned a lot about the ups and downs of being a second wife. I never got alone time with my husband because the kids were always in the picture. K has trust issues because of the first wife’s infidelity. I don’t like his first wife. I don’t get many firsts with my husband like buying a home, having a baby, et cetera. But I also have certain advantages to being the second wife. K is so much better at communicating. We are open about our finances. He spends more time with me because he admits that the start of the downfall of his first marriage is because they didn’t make couple time a priority. I think he is much more vested in this making our marriage work because he knows how sucky it is going through a divorce. All this stuff works to my advantage. I found an old article from a 1984 issue of People magazine. Almost thirty years later and it’s still relevant.

This is a picture from early spring but I wanted a picture for this section of my post. Someday I will be much better at taking pictures but right now I’m not. Someday. Right now I just try to find a somewhat relevant photo.

We decided to float the Embarrass River yesterday in the canoe. The afternoon started out a disaster but ended well. First, when putting the canoe in the water, I slipped and fell. I bruised my right hand, bottom and back of my leg. I also cut the palm on my left hand. Because it landed in the mud, I have a pretty good infection going on. The oar I was using also looks like a murder weapon because I bled all over it. So after some whining on my part, we were on our way.

We didn’t get very far before the canoe flipped. We were headed for a tree and as we going under it, my fishing pole (which was not in my hands because I was holding my oar) got caught in the tree and was whisked out of the canoe. K started yelling, I told him I was getting out to get the pole, he didn’t hear because he was yelling and the canoe flipped because he didn’t hear my instructions to lean left while I got out the right side. My leg was stuck in the canoe but I was still upright until K jumped out and started pulling the canoe to shore. I fell under the water at this point. He was angry and yelling and I was crying. Not a good start. Especially ten minutes into a four hour trip. We got the water out of the canoe and loaded her back up and put her back in the water.

The rest of the trip was very peaceful. We floated along, enjoying the sunny wam weather and Ken caught a few smallmouth bass and the tiniest Northern Pike I have ever seen. We ate our lunch in the canoe and just talked about nothing of importance. It turned out to be a great trip. When we got out, K took my truck to get his truck so we could load up the canoe. I pulled the canoe up to the side of the road and sat on the end of it and ate some Funyuns while I waited for K to get back. Someone stopped and asked if I needed any help. Does a person sitting on a canoe on the roadside eating Funyuns need look like she needs assistance? Apparently so.

Guess what I’m doing Thursday.

I’ll give you a hint.


I wish it were Aaron Rodgers. I have a major crush on him. Like leave my husband for him (fat chance of that happening) crush. I’ve had a crush on him since he was unfairly hid in Favre’s (*hiss and spit sounds ensuing from this girl) shadow.

We’re going to the Packer game!!! SQUEEEEE!!!

I’m not sure if a preseason game requires excessive letters and punctuation but this is the Packers for Pete’s sake. You can’t live in northeastern Wisconsin without being a fan. If you aren’t a fan, you are a social pariah. When I called my boss to find someone to fill in for a shift I agreed to pick up for someone else two weeks ago, she didn’t even question it. That’s how important our Super Bowl Champs are in this area. I can’t wait to go. We are going to try to meet up with my friend Leah and her hubby Jeff and do a little tailgating together.

Now for the not so fun stuff. I now have 17 friends on facebook who are pregnant or just had a baby. My two best friends from high school included. I’m so jealous. Me, I just have a bout of spotting every week and a sawtooth pattern on my BBT chart. So not everything is going great.

Hope you have a great Monday.


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