Time to Call the Doctor

So, the reason we are trying to get pregnant naturally is because we are dirt poor. Okay, maybe not dirt poor, since I’m typing this on an iPad and we have Internet access at home. But poor enough that we don’t really have 130ish to pay to have a four wheel drive modulator replaced with a used part. Yeah, life is good.

So today I passed out. Stood up too quickly and blacked out and fell down passed out. Luckily the ottoman was there to break my fall. I haven’t told K about this because he will force me to go to the doctor. Our insurance is really crappy. We have a four thousand dollar deductible and cannot afford to go to the doctor unless an arm is cut off.


I’m fairly certain that this is because I have had my period since August 29th. It started out light and has been getting heavier every week. I use a menstrual cup that holds about one ounce and I have been emptying that every two to three hours. The average woman only loses about 1 &1/2 ounces during her entire period. So I am basically having 3 to five periods a day. I am now to the point where I need to call my gyno.

But we already have a five thousand dollar medical bill that we are paying 20 dollars a month on. I hate going further into debt. And the assistance that people get if they can’t pay their bill. K makes too much for us to qualify for that.

I guess though, we’ll just have to add to our medical debt. I’m calling the doc tomorrow afternoon.

Have a happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Time to Call the Doctor

  1. omg call the doctor!! i hear you on the finance things though, what a tricky spot to be in. I live in Canada so thankfully the basics are covered with a low monthly premium. fingers crossed that you are ok

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