Natterbug’s here!

Yesterday afternoon, K and I picked up my adorable niece, Natalie. She cracks me up. I love having her around. Every time we see her, she always asks “Auntie, did you bring the eye-uh-pad?”. She has all sorts of games downloaded on our iPad for her. But she really loves playing games and chasing our cats around. Right now she is snoring away on my living room chair while I get ready for work.

And K is such a sucker for her. Last night, we stopped at the Walmart and she runs up to him with a T-shirt that is a pink Mossy Oak shirt that says Camo Princess on it. “Uncle K, can you buy me this?”. “How much is it?”. “I don’t know but it’s pretty.” he’s such a sucker. Why does he say he doesn’t want a daughter? Probably because we’d go broke with him spoiling her.

Sorry this post is just random. I’m tired and wanted to write something quickly. Tonight we’re having a campfire so I’ll have to post pictures of that.

Have a happy Friday.



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