Some Decent News

So, I called Friday to get the results from my lab work and the nurse finally called back today.

My thyroid is fine. No big surprise there. I have had that tested every year and always get the same results. My hemoglobin was fine too. 11.8. Normal range starts at 12. The nurse and Dr. G were very surprised at that considering my last two months. I guess taking iron tablets every day along with the extra iron in the prenatals helped out a lot.

The good news is my triglycerides level was borderline high. No big deal. It has gone down since June just by eating healthier and exercising.

When I was at my appointment, we really discussed getting the bleeding to stop. So it was a surprise when the nurse mentioned that I would need an ultrasound in two weeks. So the Monday after Thanksgiving, I get to drive all the way to Green Bay again for a visit with the magic wand of infertile hope. Yay!!!!

I have to go. I’m going to clean my house. Happy happy joy joy!

Have a great Monday!


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