We have all been seeing the TV commercials for Shoedazzle. You fill out a little quiz and their stylists will send you a personal selection of shoes to purchase for $39.95 a pair. I love shoes but can’t afford to spend a fortune on them so I thought why the heck not.

These are the selections they picked out for me.

Not horrible. But I’m pretty down to earth and heels with sheep wool don’t seem practical to me.

Now to the next pair.

Not too bad but I would feel a little bit too much like Luke Skywalker in them. I also like something girly and pretty.

So, what else did they have for me?

Uuummm…. I don’t think so. What part of down to earth and girly don’t they understand?

So what on earth would the stylists choose next?

Who on earth would want these? I guess maybe I could wear these when I go hunting or to run around on a farm. Or to the local Walmarts. Yeah, these would work well on a trip to Walmart.

So, after those disasters, what could be next?

Finally, something I would actually wear. I love the color. Just enough pop when I wear all black.

So, in conclusion, I don’t believe the stylists at have any idea what I want. They just throw a bunch of trends at me in hope that I might buy one.

Have a great Tuesday.


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