Today K’s mother flies in from Arizona for the weekend. Thank Jeebus she’s not staying with us. I really considered skipping the wedding we are all going to just because she is the most horrible witchiest person I have ever had to deal with. Except for the mother in the family for which I worked as an au pair in Germany. But a very close second.

She makes me feel like manure every time she comes to visit.

So I am so glad it’s snowing today. That will just make her miserable. And Lord forgive me, but I love that she’ll be miserable.

Have a great Thursday. One more day till the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Monster-in-law

    • I really try to like her, but she just started being a witch once K and I got engaged. Apparently we were just supposed to live together for the next forty years. I never understood (pre-engagement) why MILs got such a bad rap. Now I know.

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