Like I’ve said before, K and I started trying to get pregnant six months after we started dating. This is our fifth holiday season since we started trying.

This was the first Thanksgiving since then that I haven’t had such a focus on the fact that we are still babyless. I was just grateful that I had K in my life and that we had the boys in our lives.

I would tell you how Thanksgiving actually went but it was crappy and I don’t want to talk about it.

I hope your holiday went well and that you were grateful for the truly important things in your life.

BTW, I’m off to my ultrasound today. I know it will show normal ovaries and maybe that I even ovulated. I had some weird crampiness on one side that suddenly went away last night. Don’t want to get my hopes up though. But combine that with fertile cervical mucus and my hopes couldn’t help but rise.

Also, my girlfriend (the one with twins from IVF) found out Friday that she’s pregnant after a frozen embryo transfer. Yay! (Maybe we’ll be pregnant together.)

Have a great Monday!


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