The Billing Department Called

Today the business office called to tell me that my insurance didn’t require pre approval and that my deductible had been met so my 20% share of the bill would be about $1200 and could I please pay that in advance today please.

Yeah, they really wanted me to pay in advance. I have never experienced that before. Since we only have about $40 dollars left in our bank account, I of course told her I was unable to pay any money towards this right now. I think when I told her we barely have enough money every month to pay our bills and buy groceries, she thought I was overexagerating. But yeah, that last $40 has to go into my truck so I can drive the hour and twenty minutes one way to get to the hospital.

This year has been a pretty crappy one as far as medical bills go. I know, I could have something much worse wrong and owe tens of thousands. But when you don’t have much money to begin with, even a few thousand dollars is a real financial strain.

And the worst thing was, is when the lady found out how few hours I worked per week and that I was going back to school, she said, “Well, you should really find a full time job just to pay the bills.” Of all the snarky things for a billing clerk to say, that was quite a doozy. I couldn’t help it that I had uterine issues early this year, then I back went out early fall and now I have to have my innards scraped out and examined. We have already paid about $1500 dollars in my medical bills already this year and still have about $1800 dollars still out there without adding the current charges. We are trying. We even applied for their patient assistance program and because we have insurance, we don’t qualify.

I’m sorry for the rant. I also know it’s uncouth to talk about money but since you already know the inner workings of my reproductive system, I guess whether or not the topic is socially acceptable is a moot point now.

You know, I do feel guilty for going to school. I’m putting an even greater financial burden on my family by doing this. I know if I don’t go though, we will always be a slave to our debt and the 2 1/2 years of hardship is way better than a lifetime of struggling.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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