My D&C Results

So yesterday, I went to see Dr. G for my followup appointment. My brother’s fiancé came along with me. We had lunch first in the cafeteria because you get plenty of decent food for a good price. I always eat there if I have to go to the hospital in Green Bay.

On to my results. Well, I guess I had such a thick lining that he had to scrape some away before he could take a look around. He removed lots of polyps. Then he tried to find the openings to my Fallopian tubes but I had a lot of scar tissue around where the left tube opening should be. No problem with the right. I’m not surprised by that because when I had a HSG a few years ago, the left side was completely blocked. When I had an ovarian cyst removed about ten years ago, it was wrapped around the tube so part of the tube was removed. Everything looks good now.

I almost forgot to tell you that he had to put two stitches in my cervix because the clamp they used cut the tissue. That would definitely explain why I’ve had so much frickin discharge this last week. It’s like I constantly am have a tube of Astroglide squirted up there. TMI? Too bad, this is a blog about my messed up lady parts so you’re gonna hear gross stuff.

I think Dr. G wants to put me on Clomid again but he remembered that I want to try this naturally for awhile. I love him as a doctor but he is very strongly for fixing everything with Western medicine.

Now that this is all past, I can start getting into the holiday spirit.


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