Dunh, dunh, dunnnnnh…….

They sneak up on me. Hit me when I least expect it. The dreaded urinary tract infection. Yeah, K and I were playing Wii and I felt that feeling.


Two and a half years into my marriage and I still get honeymoon cystitis.

It really sucks. Thank goodness my doctor keeps me well stocked in prophylactic antibiotics. Of course, I never remember to take them until one is upon me. Thankfully it only takes two or three doses to get rid of it. So until those kick in, I just have to deal with this.

20111216-195828.jpgI am seriously convinced that that truly is the cause of the pain.

Again, TMI today but I could be sharing this on Facebook like half the population would.

Have a great fricking weekend. I know we will. Supper tomorrow night with our friends Nate and Abby at Prime Quarter. Do you have anything like it where you live? It’s a steakhouse where you grill your own steak. Very popular in these parts.


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