How Something Little Can Be a Big Pain in the Paduka



That, ladies and gentlemen, is my front entryway. We have decided to redo it.



It needs a lot of work. Those tiles are asbestos laid over tar paper on top of what was once a beautiful hardwood floor.


We had to tear out this ugly built in dresser type thing. That’s why it’s part white and part nicotine stained teeth color. K and the starter wife had already ripped the trim from around the door when they replaced the door many, many moons ago.


As you can see, the floor is in bad shape. We would refinish it but there is lots of water damage. We haven't decided on laying down ceramic tile or laminate flooring.


But before we can do the floor, we have to replace some floorboards that were ripped out. Do you see how much I care about this entryway right now? I don't even clean it properly.


We of course have to replace the light fixture. What a lovely piece of craftsmanship. The cobwebs really set it apart.


We also have the inside of a mail slot that no longer exists on the outside.


There were two holes in the plaster wall that had so much cold air blowing in that I needed to do a stop gap repair. Don't you love the camouflage duct tape?


Pay attention to this light switch. It's very important. It was covered in duct tape when K first moved in and he never bothered with it.

So we tore out the dresser thing and pulled up the tile. We made plans to gut this completely in February or March and put in a bench with storage. I picked out a few ideas for it and put them on Pinterest.

Well that silly little light switch was a huge problem. Ken couldn’t figure out what it was for. It’s wires ran to an old fuse box that seemed to be disconnected. Seemed to be. So Ken pulled the wire out that ran from the switch to the fuse box.

Everything seemed fine until Frick said the washing machine wasn’t working. Well, it turns out nothing was working in the basement. It turns out that fuse box was connected to everything in the basement except the main light, the dryer and two outlets. And that switch that didn’t do anything was working like a circuit switch for everything connected to the fuse box.

It was a good thing those two outlets work because we needed major things to have power. The washer, freezer, sump pump and water heater.

K tried to fix it but no go. His buddy Kevin is coming over on Wednesday to look at it. I hope this doesn’t turn into something expensive because we just won’t have the money for it.

What I don’t understand is why the previous owner didn’t put this whole circuit with the breaker box when they installed that? Luckily, it won’t be too much trouble for us to do that. Plus we can add lights where we need them.

Well that was our day. Hope yours was better.

I know I never did a Christmas post but our Christmas wasn’t really worth blogging about it. It was uneventful. I will put up a year recap in the next day or two.


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