20 Things

Every so often, a friend posts a list of twenty things on Facebook. What the heck? I might as well give it a try.

1. I actually made something I pinned to Pinterest today. Carrot Curry Bisque. It was delicious.

2. I used to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair after shampooing. I ran out and switched to dandruff shampoo. I now have greasy hair and horrible dandruff. Time to switch back.

3. K is offended because I want to go turkey hunting by myself this year. He wants to call one in for me.

4. I want to go by myself because I am unable to get one when he is with me. I can’t go into the reasons why. They might be violations. Then again, they might not be.

5. I fear that if I didn’t have K in my life, I would be a cat lady.

6. Then again, I never wanted a cat until I was with him.

7. I am incredibly annoying when I talk to my cats. I refer to them as my babies.

8. I wish I could purge our house of everything the ex-wife picked out.

9. I can’t because K likes the stuff.

10. Actually, I would just like to move completely to get the ghost of that first marriage out of our house.

11. I still have some Christmas decorations up. I can’t find the box they are supposed to go in.

12. I hate TVs in bedrooms. We have one in ours. K watches it to relax before falling asleep.

13. I can’t fall asleep unless it’s completely quiet and no lights are flashing.

14. I have Alice im Wunderland (Alice in Wonderland in German) on VHS. I need to get it switched to DVD.

15. I speak German at a conversational level.

16. I lived in Germany for nine months working as an au pair.

17. My first love was a man I met in Germany.

18. K is only my second serious relationship. The first was the man from Germany.

19. I never wanted to waste time in a relationship if I thought marriage wasn’t in the cards.

20. My extended family thought I was a lesbian until I started bringing K around.

There you go. Twenty things you didn’t know about me.

I hope your day is going as well as mine.


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