CD 10

Today is cycle day 10. I ran to the Dollar Tree to get some things for Frick’s birthday celebration this weekend and decided to pick up a bunch of OPKs (ovulation predictor kits for the uninitiated).

I thought I better start testing today. Got home about 1:00 and whipped one of those babies out.


No big deal. It’s only day ten. I don’t expect a surge for a week but I always start testing early just so I don’t miss it.

I have to admit that whenever I use an OPK, I pretend it’s a pregnancy test just so I can imagine what it would be like to have those two pink lines show up. Kind of pathetic.

Here’s my chart so far. I have been waking and sleeping fitfully in the mornings so my temps were higher than what I am used to. I would take my temp at 5:30 every morning because that’s when K’s alarm went off. Well, by then, I would have woken up, fallen back asleep and only have gotten about an hour of sleep. I just started taking my temp when I wake up after four hours of sleep no matter what time it is. That explains the sharp drop in temps the last few days.


Have a great day everyone.


2 thoughts on “CD 10

  1. ‘ been there and done that. A long time ago, but I still remember. I researched and took some herbs (the fertility doctor laughted but not for long) because my problem was ovulation. Even though I had Lady Red visit me faithfully (if erratically), I didn’t ovulate much. Hugs to you. Infertility sucks. It sucks having fertile friends around you. It sucks when the awkward pauses occur when anything regarding babies and pregnancy comes up and they remember you are in the room. Hang in there.

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