How the Crazies Find Me

I don’t know what my readers are smoking but there sure are some crazy search engine terms. I cherry picked the best of them for you just because I’m so bored waiting to test. Also, I’m avoiding writing a paper.

ugly uterus

I admit, I did entitle a post My Ugly Uterus after my D&C.  I don’t understand why you would actually search for that though.  So I googled it myself.  Honestly, I hope the person found the answer she was looking for because reading about a bunch of other women’s internal organs would depress me.  On the other hand, I did find out that women are knitting uteruses  (uteri, what is the plural of uterus) and mailing them to members of Congress.

“peed my pants”

Everyone has done it.  I don’t know why I referred to peeing my pants but it must have been hilarious.  I hope you weren’t looking for people to mock by searching for stories about that.  And if you peed your own pants, it’s okay.  Laugh it off.

provera prom dress

Not exactly what a medication consisting of synthetic progesterone has to do with prom.  I don’t even have a response to it.  Google comes up with this post of mine as 2nd in line.  How bout this lovely gem of a photo to keep you disgusted.  She’s a little old to be going to prom but she could be taking Provera to prevent bleeding all over that beautiful outfit.

old guy beer in scooter

Really.  I don’t know what to think.  I am not an old guy.  I do not drink beer.  I only rode on a scooter once.  I can leave you with this video of a German on a beer scooter though.

walmart beer aisle

Oh yeah.  It’s were all the cool people hang out.  Of course, you could do more there than buy beer.  It’s a great place to meet men.  I did find this question as a search result on Google though.  It makes you wonder what people are thinking.


There you have it folks.  The result of my boredom, just for you.  Now go do something productive with your life.  I have a paper to write.





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