Next Stop: Psychotown

Everyone has that one person (or seven) who can’t actually confront somebody and tell them what’s bothering them.  They write a status on facebook without naming names.  You know what I’m talking about.  “Somebody better stop talking smack about me.  Next time they do, I’m gonna tell them how it is.”  Those kind of statuses.  The kind that have caught the crazy train to Psychotown.   And there are always people who agree.  STFU, Parents refers to them as a P.O.B., or Pack of Bitches.

Trust me, it is not an admirable thing to be a bitch.

Anyway, my older sister is one of these people.  She drives me crazy.  I like seeing her updates about the kids on facebook but she posts too much BS.

A good example.

Yellow is her husband.  Pink is one of the POB.  I’m not the family she is referring to.  But she posts this kind of crap all the time.  I always take a screen shot of it because people call her out on it all the time.  And once there are comments criticizing her, she quickly deletes the status.  I guess she posted something because somebody made insinuations that her husband smokes pot.  I didn’t get to see it because it was deleted shortly afterward.

And Pink is just an idiot.  I have worked in a pharmacy.  This is the time of the year that many insurance companies start a new year.  A lot of times, people don’t get entered in properly or at all.  She really shouldn’t call them dumbasses.  Unfortunately, the poor pharmacy employees get the brunt of it when it is the insurance companies’ fault.

The point of my story is that I got sick of my sister’s crap.  So I decided to question it on a post she made a little bit later.

Yeah, I was a big old b word.

She deserved it.  I was promptly blocked by her.  Not that I care.  Someone told me that she deleted all of the comments off the post.  I am so tempted to post these pictures on facebook just so they are there for posterity.

Once my sister blocks someone, she uses her husband’s or kid’s facebook to stalk the blockee to see if anything is posted about her.  I never make any mention of it because I know that is what she is waiting for.  After a week of not seeing anything, she’ll unblock that person.  She’s done it to me multiple times for minor grievances here and there.

It just bothers me.  I can’t stand people who don’t confront their issues and problems head-on.  My mom does it too.  When something about one of us kids bothers her, she runs her mouth to every other kid.

Also, do I regret referring to her as bat shit crazy?  A little.  She may or may not be but her behavior is.  I hope she realizes that it doesn’t matter what you put online, it is permanent even if you delete it.

I honestly wish my sister was happier.  She has a crappy marriage.  She can’t seem to find stability in her work life.  Honestly, she reminds me of my mother-in-law.  I wish she would just stop stressing so much about other people’s actions.  Honestly, does it matter in the long run?

I’m trying to use this as a lesson that I need to remember to breathe before I offer criticism.  If I need to offer criticism, I have to remember to offer it constructively.



What's your thought on this?

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