Lazy Bones

I have a million things to on my to-do list today.

Instead of checking them off, I choose to take a page from my cats’ book.

Not my cat, but it could be. I’m currently reclining on the sofa and they have wedged themselves between my legs to take a nap. If I dare disturb them, they give me the look of death.

Ah, but my time of leisure must come to an end, for I am to go on a quest to set up turkey blinds. It gets me out of the house and I’ll be able to see my niece, Bug. She always wants me to play Barbies and I have to name mine Rockstar Barbie. I couldn’t go with anything like Gwendolyn, Rawena or Lucy. Rockstar Barbie. Is that even a proper name? Bug seems to think so.

I try to convince K to play with her but he won’t. What a bad uncle!

Oh well, Bug thinks K is the best uncle ever and wants to marry him someday. She only turned four a month ago so I’ll forgive the fact that she’s trying to steal my man.