Might be a slight divergence

This may turn into a wedding blog part time. I’m quite excited to be wedding planner for my brother and his fiancĂ©. I hope she likes my ideas. We’re going to go over some of the ideas I have tonight at my dad’s bar. Yeah, the weddings not until October 2013 but we have to have an idea of what they want so we can set a budget.

Now to find a barn within 50 miles of where they live. Everyone we know actually uses their barns for farming. Crazy, huh?


My Wittle Brudder’s All Grown Up


My little brother Tom got engaged last night to his girlfriend Dani. And we didn’t find out until this morning because our phones were off while we were at a wedding.

I knew this was coming because the last time my Tom was home (he’s a truck driver), he told my parents, who told everyone they had a secret.

He proposed in front of both sets of parents. Way to put pressure on a girl and guarantee she’ll say yes. Just kidding. I think they knew this was it almost from the beginning (just like K and me).

Of course, I’m super excited since I get to play wedding planner. No date set yet but they are thinking in two years. I hope it’s sooner but they are completely remodeling a crappy home together and need to save up some money. That sounded bad. Their house started out very crappy. It will be very nice when they are done.

By the way, my brother keeps saying he wants 8 kids. It probably won’t happen but it seems like the more siblings you have, the more likely you are to want a large family. We are nine altogether.

Have a glorious Saturday!