Fun Times

I threw my back out this morning.

I’ll blame it on my cat.

She threw up on my husband’s side of the bed this morning.

When I bent over to pick up a fresh bed sheet, my back decided to act up.

So my kids helped me off the floor and into bed.

Next to the cat puke.

Fun times.

20110929-093556.jpgThis was the culprit that started the whole mess. I have a story to tell about her but I don’t feel like taking the time to type right now. It’s narcotic pain pill and nap time.


Silly Cat

This is my cat Buttons.


I love her to death. She is my baby. K let me get her as a wedding present. So I am spoiling her a bit. Every time I go near the bathroom, she jumps on the toilet seat and meows for me to turn the tap on for a drink from the sink. She’s jealous of K. When she is in the bedroom with us, if I decide to cuddle up to K, she has to work her way between us. Then she moves onto my pillow and falls asleep between our heads so we cannot kiss.

She is actually quite smart. She plays fetch. She likes to watch movies with me and I’m almost convinced she knows how to read. I try to tell my family how smart she is. They don’t believe me.

I understand why.

She has a very weird habit of licking the wrappers of my pads and tampons. She pulls them out of the box and just licks away.