Back to School

I finished my second week of classes yesterday. I’m still stunned that I am able to go to school at all. I’m so grateful that K and I live modestly so that we don’t need two incomes to pay our bills. If that was the case, it would take me years to get my degree.

I’m lucky to be going to a small American Indian school. They seem to be very vested in their students. I’m assuming this is the case since most of the students are native and the tribe benefits greatly by ensuring that the students get their degrees.

I’m taking Algebra, Biology, English and Oral Communications. I’m finding the classes challenging already but not over my head. And if I would ever have problems, I know I could use their free tutoring service.

I have to admit that I am worried that I may have bit off more than I can chew though. I hope that it’s just because it’s only the first two weeks. But with work, school, homework, housework and trying to spend time with my family, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Especially Monday and Tuesday, where I’m gone all day and don’t see K until I crawl into bed at night. I haven’t told K that I feel this way. I’m hoping it’s just part of an adjustment period.

And yes, we are still trying to have a baby. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow to update you and that front.

Have a great weekend!


She’s back.

Oh, yeah.  I dissappeared there for a little bit.  Sorry bout that.  I just got busy.  I have some updates on the whole baby making business and I have to tell you all about going back to school.  Right now, I’m typing this in the computer lab and I need to study for a quiz that I have in about a half hour.  Have a great day.

P.S. Don’t you just love the header picture? Yeah, I’m one sexy girl.