My D&C Results

So yesterday, I went to see Dr. G for my followup appointment. My brother’s fiancĂ© came along with me. We had lunch first in the cafeteria because you get plenty of decent food for a good price. I always eat there if I have to go to the hospital in Green Bay.

On to my results. Well, I guess I had such a thick lining that he had to scrape some away before he could take a look around. He removed lots of polyps. Then he tried to find the openings to my Fallopian tubes but I had a lot of scar tissue around where the left tube opening should be. No problem with the right. I’m not surprised by that because when I had a HSG a few years ago, the left side was completely blocked. When I had an ovarian cyst removed about ten years ago, it was wrapped around the tube so part of the tube was removed. Everything looks good now.

I almost forgot to tell you that he had to put two stitches in my cervix because the clamp they used cut the tissue. That would definitely explain why I’ve had so much frickin discharge this last week. It’s like I constantly am have a tube of Astroglide squirted up there. TMI? Too bad, this is a blog about my messed up lady parts so you’re gonna hear gross stuff.

I think Dr. G wants to put me on Clomid again but he remembered that I want to try this naturally for awhile. I love him as a doctor but he is very strongly for fixing everything with Western medicine.

Now that this is all past, I can start getting into the holiday spirit.


At the Hospital and St. Nick’s Day

Yesterday morning I had my D&C and hysterscopy. It went well and I find out what’s up next Monday at my follow-up appointment.

I had to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning which meant I had to be on the road by 4:15. Of course, it had rained and snowed overnight so the roads were a bit slick. I picked my litlle sister Daisy up because she was my ride home. Unfortunately, K couldn’t take me because he has no vacation days left and couldn’t find anyone to switch shifts with him. So I kissed him goodbye and said I would be home before him.

Well, it only took about five extra minutes to arrive. I checked in and was sent to the third floor where I had to check in again. We sat in the waiting room for about five minutes then I was shuttled back to my cubbyhole. I got asked a bunch of questions then changed into my gown and hospital socks with the non-slip trippers on the bottoms. Cute. The nurse then came back and hooked me up to the blood pressure cuff and oxygen sat finger thingie. Since it was only about 5:45 and my procedure wasn’t until 7:00, I broke out the iPad and played around on Pinterest and then played solitaire for a bit.


That’s me all cheerful and crap. My sister and I were laughing and having a good time. I of course had to put in a vague status on Facebook (since I didn’t tell anyone about this beforehand) saying “In my gown and all ready to go- with Daisy -at Aurora Baycare Medical Center”. I haven’t checked my Facebook since then so I’m sure there are comments asking what’s going on.

Then at about 6:30, the nurse came back in to get me set up. She put the anti clotting things on my legs. I don’t know if you’re familiar with these but they look like white plastic leg braces that inflate in stages going up the leg. They felt odd, kind of like a less painful version of pins and needles feeling and I would end up giggling every time they inflated, which was every other minute or so. She got me all hooked up with the heart monitor pads and put that shower cap like hat over my hair.

Then the anesthesiologist came by and talked to me about his part and asked me if I had any questions. The nurses had reminded me to ask for the motion sickness patch that goes behind the ear since I get incredibly nauseous after general anesthesia. He ordered that and I didn’t even notice that the nurse put it on me.

Then Dr. G stopped in and asked me if I had any questions and talked about what he was going to do. In case you missed it from before, he wanted to take a look inside because when I had an ultrasound last week, it looked like I had polyps, a raggedy endometrium and scar tissue. After he left, the nurse said the procedure would take about 45 minutes, I would be in recovery about 45 minutes and then in the pre-discharge room for about an hour.

So another nurse came by and introduced himself and brought me back to the operating room. I slid over onto the table and put my butt where they wanted it and that’s the last thing I remember. I don’t even remember the gas mask going on my face.

No idea what went on but Dr. G told my sister everything went fine after he was finished. I didn’t even see him after that, probably because he had to skedaddle off and see to his appointments at the clinic.

When they woke me up in recovery, I started bawling. I think it was because I was startled awake. I just remember crying and bawling and saying how much I wanted to call K. They were nice and brought me a phone but I couldn’t remember his work number which made me start bawling again. I then promptly passed out again. I do remember the nurses waking me up and making me take a couple of deep breaths and then cough. I found out later it was because my oxygen levels kept dropping very low even with oxygen on. My blood pressure also would not stabilize and they needed that to raise higher before I could go to pre discharge. So the 45 minutes I was supposed to be in recovery lasted about 2 hours.

I finally got to go to pre-discharge where I mostly just slept or stared mindlessly at the TV.

Do you notice how crappy I look? I also think I look kind of puffy but it could be the poor photo quality or the fact that I’m just fat. Shortly before I was going to be sent home, they had me use the bathroom and get dressed. The nurse was going to give me one of the hospital’s big mesh underwear and mattress-thick pads but I was smart and brought an ultra-thin pad with me. After I was dressed, she gave me saltines and more ice water. Once I finished those, I was wheeled down to my vehicle to head home.

I just wanted to fall asleep but Daisy wouldn’t let me. She hates driving in Green Bay and didn’t want to rely on the Garmin to get her home. So I had to tell her every exit and lane change to make. We stopped at ALDI on the way home so I could pick up soup, supper for the boys and candy for St. Nick’s Day. I’m very disappointed because this year they aren’t carrying the German chocolates and candies I buy for St. Nick’s Day. I’m sure everyone at the store thought I was drunk because I was slurring and forgetting words, swaying down the aisles, and using the shelves for support.

Once we got to my house, I let my sister take my truck to her house and I passed out on the couch. K came home and asked me how everything went. He then went to go pick up gift certificates for Frick and Frack’s gifts for today. When he got back home, this is what he brought me.

I really do have a sweet husband.

I slept most of the afternoon but woke up to watch How I Met Your Mother. I started crying when Robin is told she can’t have children. Yeah, I’m hopeless sometimes. I’m going to blame it on the lingering effects of the anesthesia. I then went to bed and slept some more.

Around three thirty, I woke up and put out St. Nick’s Day gifts. My family thinks it’s weird that I have everyone put out their shoes, but that is the tradition in Germany. Good children clean their shoes and leave them to be filled with sweets and toys. Bad children have a birch switch left for them courtesy of Knecht Ruprecht. Of course, Frick and Frack were good children.

(St. Nicholas and Knecht Ruprecht. Notice the switches for the naughty children.)

I slept as long as I could this morning, so I wasn’t up to see the boys with their gifts. When K got up to go to work though, he put a bag of peanut M&Ms and a scratch off ticket on my shoes by our bedroom door. I told you he was the best husband. He usually doesn’t remember to buy stuff for me (and I refuse to buy for myself) so I don’t normally get anything. Same goes for stocking stuffers on Christmas.

Away from the holiday and back to how I feel today. My throat is super sore (I think they put a tube down your throat when you’re under) and I’m just a little crampy. Also, my lady parts feel like I participated in a gang bang. I’m just guessing at how that would feel since I’ve never experienced one. Overall though, I feel good but still tired. I went to work both jobs and felt fine the whole day. I think I might end up in bed early tonight though.

All in all, I think yesterday went well and St. Nick’s Day went off without a hitch. I must say, if it wasn’t a medical procedure, I wouldn’t mind having a D&C more often. All the pampering and attention you get from the nurses can really go to a girl’s head. Nobody brings me warm blankets at home.

Have a terrific Tuesday. Oh, does your family do St. Nick’s Day? And do you put gifts in stockings or on top of shoes?