I love this blog

Somehow I stumbled across this blog this afternoon and I am feeling so inspired. I’m also jealous of how creative Ashley is.

She has all sorts of sewing projects that are simple enough for even me to do.

I have so many shirts that I don’t wear because I they don’t provide enough coverage for my potbelly. I think I will have to make this dress.

I also can’t find many cute, stylish skirts that are in my price range but I’m sure I can sew this ruffly one.

And this skirt, which I’m kind of worried will add to much bulk to my waist but I’m gonna try it anyway. The tutorial is for a child’s skirt but at the end she tells you how to adjust it for an adult.

I have to make these to put on the top of my entertainment center. I may even make them for every season.

I am not crafty in any way but those blocks seem simple enough.

I am going shopping tomorrow to find the fabric to make that maxi dress. Big bonus that it has sleeves since the weather has become quite cool today and is only supposed to hit the mid-seventies all week.

I am so glad fall is here.

Happy Sunday.


The Wedding

I am not one of those people who got up at three in the morning to watch IT. (Notice though I give The Wedding proper capitalization. Everyone knows it’s the only wedding that matters.)

I went to bed at one this morning so getting up at three just wasn’t going to happen. I love my sleep more than Will and Kate. Way more.

I did check out the dress right away when I woke up though. It was the only thing I cared to see regarding this circus. I love me a beautiful wedding gown.

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK

If you want details on the gown, go to one of the thousands of websites that care.

I just think it’s pretty.