Been a few weeks

Well, we are done with one kid. Time for him to hit the road.

Just kidding. Frick graduated two weeks ago. It was just weird. He was only twelve when K and I started dating and now he’s done with high school. I will post a better post with pics later.

So now the family is leaving for Minnesota tomorrow without me. I should have taken off work. I didn’t though. We’ve been a bit short financially lately and need the income more. I made plans for the weekend but I wish I was going.

And just to add to all the randomness of this post, I have athlete’s foot. Our younger boy Frack had a bad case that we didn’t know about and he’s been rubbing his nasty bare feet all over my chair. The chair that I put my bare feet on. I feel nasty and disgusting because what kind of woman let’s this happen. I’m a clean person. This just further proves my point that teenage boys are nasty.

Have a great weekend.