Not Sure About This

So remember last week I was complaining about being the only one pregnant. I think my friend lost her baby. She had announced at only six weeks along. I brought up her Facebook page and every last thing she had about being pregnant is gone. Even the little pic in the family section for expected child is gone. She’s been leaving statuses about how hard it is to get out of bed.

We used to be very close but that was ten years ago. I don’t feel comfortable asking about it now. Who knows, with the new layout, she could just not be sharing it with me? I really hope that’s what it is.

If it is a miscarriage, I feel for her. I hope her husband holds her close every night and just lets her cry. Even when you are that early, you have become so incredibly attached to that person inside you.

I’ll say a prayer for her. What else could I do? I don’t want to feel like an idiot if she just excluded me from the know on Facebook or I don’t want to intrude and seem like I suddenly just care about her because she’s going throug a rough time.


It’s a lovely day to be infertile!

It’s official. Every single one of my friends from high school have announced a pregnancy in the the last year. Every last one. I’m not exaggerating. The last one announced she’s six weeks along today. With that hideous Baby- Gaga app on Facebook. Screw my life.

Today is looking like a Hagen-Daz and Jane Austen, sitting in pjs and not leaving the house type of day.