Natterbug’s here!

Yesterday afternoon, K and I picked up my adorable niece, Natalie. She cracks me up. I love having her around. Every time we see her, she always asks “Auntie, did you bring the eye-uh-pad?”. She has all sorts of games downloaded on our iPad for her. But she really loves playing games and chasing our cats around. Right now she is snoring away on my living room chair while I get ready for work.

And K is such a sucker for her. Last night, we stopped at the Walmart and she runs up to him with a T-shirt that is a pink Mossy Oak shirt that says Camo Princess on it. “Uncle K, can you buy me this?”. “How much is it?”. “I don’t know but it’s pretty.” he’s such a sucker. Why does he say he doesn’t want a daughter? Probably because we’d go broke with him spoiling her.

Sorry this post is just random. I’m tired and wanted to write something quickly. Tonight we’re having a campfire so I’ll have to post pictures of that.

Have a happy Friday.



Yay, More Provera!

So I am now on a triple dose of Provera to stop the bleeding for a little while. If that doesn’t work, I have to call the doctor on Monday and he said I would have to have a D&C. So I’m really hoping this works. I also find out today whtat my hemoglobin levels are. The doc said I must make blood quickly because I am still rosy cheeked and I have lots of color in my lips and under my eyelids. So I guess that’s good news.

Now the plan is that I will be taking Provera every cycle if I haven’t ovulated before cycle day 25. Since we’re not actively pursuing (medically anyway) getting pregnant right now, the goal is that I have a period every month to month and a half. This fits nicely into our plans because while I’m in school, K and I decided that my main focus should be getting as healthy as I can be. If I get pregnant during that time, it will be a great bonus. Once I’m done with school in 2 1/2 years, then we will look into being a bit more aggressive in getting pregnant or adoption. But probably adoption. K has decided that we need to go to Ethiopia to adopt. How he decided on Ethiopia, I don’t know. Probably because it’s one of the least expensive countries to do a foreign adoption from.

So that’s what’s going on in my life right now. Still working on weight loss though I seem to be going in the wrong direction. I was 227 back in June and now I weigh 240. WTH? The doc decided to check my thyroid again. I have it tested just about every year and it is fine every time. I think this weight gain has more to do with my hormones being all out of whack than anything else. Every time I have problems with my PCOS, my weight balloons. I’m trying to eat a low GI diet with little to no processed foods and have been working out everyday so I’m kind of frustrated with the weight gain.

Today I pick up my niece Natalie. She is doing a princess party at my hair salon on Saturday. We’ll also go swimming tomorrow at the high school. She is so excited to come over. My sister-in-law said she won’t shut up about it. The salon does this every year. Little girls wear their princess dresses and have tea (apple cider) and cupcakes. They get their hair, makeup and nails done then have their picture taken with a real princess (a teenager in her prom dress and a tiara). I’m expecting it to be loud. But fun.

So that’s my life today.

Have a terrific Thursday.

Lazy Bones

I have a million things to on my to-do list today.

Instead of checking them off, I choose to take a page from my cats’ book.

Not my cat, but it could be. I’m currently reclining on the sofa and they have wedged themselves between my legs to take a nap. If I dare disturb them, they give me the look of death.

Ah, but my time of leisure must come to an end, for I am to go on a quest to set up turkey blinds. It gets me out of the house and I’ll be able to see my niece, Bug. She always wants me to play Barbies and I have to name mine Rockstar Barbie. I couldn’t go with anything like Gwendolyn, Rawena or Lucy. Rockstar Barbie. Is that even a proper name? Bug seems to think so.

I try to convince K to play with her but he won’t. What a bad uncle!

Oh well, Bug thinks K is the best uncle ever and wants to marry him someday. She only turned four a month ago so I’ll forgive the fact that she’s trying to steal my man.