Our Baby Maker

The two week wait is boring.  I don’t have a lot to report.  I did try something out while waiting though.

Anyone who wants to have a baby or is already pregnant wonders what their little one will look like.  I am not alone.  So I tried Our Baby Maker out.  It was kind of fun. You just upload a picture of mom and one of dad.  Then you can choose how much the baby will look like the other parent.

This first one is one that looks like us equally.


Pretty ugly.  I know.  If we’re going to have kids this ugly, I may have to rethink the whole trying to conceive thing.


This next one is supposed to look more like K.

I laughed out loud when I made this one.  I don’t think anyone could make a baby that hideous.

This one is supposed to look more like me.

This just proves that any baby I have is going to be adorable.  Yeah the eyes are kind of wonky and it looks slightly possessed. It is a far sight better than the previous two.  I just noticed that they all look like they have a lazy eye.

I don’t know if I reccomend this website.  It had me download a toolbar but they had an easy to find link to uninstall it.  I haven’t noticed anything weird with my computer but you never know with stuff like this.

It was okay for laughs.  I know any kid we actually have won’t look deformed like this.

I’m testing in two days.  Not to sure what to think.  At this point, it could go either way.  Keep you fingers crossed that this is our big fat positive.




Senior Photos

I can’t believe Frick is going to be a senior this fall. I had my brother’s girlfriend’s sister, Ashley Spencer, do his pictures yesterday. I wish she had a website so I could let you see her work but this is just a hobby for her.

Here’s a couple of shots. No major editing was done on them yet.



It was so much fun to work with her. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics and the finished results.