Insomnia, Meet Your Match

I suffer from insomnia. It drives K crazy. I like to go to bed at the same time he does. I just don’t fall asleep when he does. So I read or play on the iPad until I can fall asleep. The light really bothers K and he is a big fat crabby pants if his sleep is disturbed. He snarls and growls and says things like “Seriously!” very angrily if he wakes and finds any light in the room.

So I turn out the light, shut down the iPad and try to fall asleep. Unfortunately, my brain decides to allow things to pop into my head. I usually fall asleep around one or two in the morning. I go to bed between eight-thirty and nine-thirty. I’m up at five-thirty. You can see how long it takes me to fall asleep.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting Frick’s senior portraits done. We can’t afford a real professional right now. It’s just not in the budget. So I’ve been trying to think of people I know who take and edit photos well.

I try to shut off my brain but it musts keeps the thought train rolling.

I like to read my Scriptures to relax at night. It calms my mind down and I find I fall asleep quickly after reading them for the night. But as I’ve mentioned before, K hates light. So I downloaded Scriptures onto my iPad which have a night reading mode. Instead of a bright white light, the words are white on black. It must prepare me to sleep because I’m out shortly after turning it off.

Of course, it could be because I’m trying to read my entire Scriptures, starting with the Bible and ending with Doctrine & Covenants, by the end of the year. I started this personal challenge a week ago and am halfway through Leviticus right now. I find I have trouble finding any interest in the laws of Moses. I set a goal to read at least five chapters a day. I’m having a real hard time staying awake to finish two chapters, much less five, in one night. (No, I don’t have it figured out how to finish reading by year’s end. I’m just winging it. Some parts will be read quickly and some will take longer to digest.)

Happy reading (and sleeping) to me.


The Wedding

I am not one of those people who got up at three in the morning to watch IT. (Notice though I give The Wedding proper capitalization. Everyone knows it’s the only wedding that matters.)

I went to bed at one this morning so getting up at three just wasn’t going to happen. I love my sleep more than Will and Kate. Way more.

I did check out the dress right away when I woke up though. It was the only thing I cared to see regarding this circus. I love me a beautiful wedding gown.

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK

If you want details on the gown, go to one of the thousands of websites that care.

I just think it’s pretty.