Yeah, I keep dropping the ball on this whole blog thing. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me. I’ve just been busy with work, school, life, etc. Blah, blah, blah… You’ve heard it all before and you’ll hear it again.

Where were we in this mess? I started taking 2.5 mg of Femara on cycle days 5 through 9. I then got a yeast infection, then an awful cold/cough that lasted almost two weeks. I was pretty sure this cycle was a complete bust.


Did you see that? I had a positive OPK yesterday. A temperature shift is the only way to verify that I actually ovulated and that will take a few days to show up. I don’t know why I’m leery about getting excited about this. Probably because I’ve had positive OPKs before and didn’t ovulate, verified by blood work. My OPK was considerably lighter today. Wait, wait, wait yet again.

We’ve been baby dancing at the right time so hopefully I ovulate from the right ovary. Did you know that my left Fallopian tube is completely blocked? Oh, I just wish I was more hopeful. Years of disappointment will do that to a person.

On a lighter note, we went to a wedding last night and got the weirdest advice on getting pregnant. My cousin announced that his wife is 16 weeks after trying for six years. He knows we’ve been trying for a long time and decided to impart some extremely inebriated wisdom. “Let it soak.”. I’ll just let that sink in. His wife was embarrassed and K and I just laughed. He said that was what worked for them. Ah, don’t you love how a person’s filter disappears with a few drinks?

Have a great weekend. I’ll definitely let you all know if I get a thermal shift in my BBT chart. Keeping my fingers crossed (and my toes, legs and hair).


The end is nigh… Of trying to conceive

So I have decided that we are in the last few months of trying to get pregnant. This summer will mark five years of trying on and off. K is on board with this plan. With me going to school full-time, I just don’t want to devote the energy that seems to go along with trying month after month.

We’ve stepped up our game a little bit for these last few cycles. I’m taking Clomid (50 mg on CD 5-9) which I’m sure won’t work because it has only worked once out of the dozen or so times I’ve taken it before. My doctor decided he wanted to try it again before I went to injectables. Injectables…hah, not ever gonna happen. That is a step, while fine for others, isn’t right for me.

So I’m doing the Clomid this cycle, then moving on to Femara. I ordered it from this website and am waiting for it to arrive. I know what you’re gonna say about ordering from overseas without a prescription. I’ve heard it all. I’ve done my research on this company and feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Plus, it was only $47 for 50 2.5mg tablets. That’s enough for 5 cycles if I take 5mg a day. (Yes, cost was an issue.)

I never would have considered doing this if we weren’t feeling kinda desperate. I know that this may not work but if we don’t do this, I would always wonder if this was the thing that would have been “it”.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this.


So this is the first time I’m about to get AF in four years and usually I would be in tears over that fact. Since my doctor told us not to try this last month because of my early miscarriage in March, it’s been kind of liberating for me.

I don’t have to obsess over what my body is doing and can relax. It also means there are no expectations and nothing to get let down by. I’m normally wondering about every little twinge, ache and pain and trying to interpret them into pregnancy symptoms.

This is not me relaxing but I wish it was. It's still too cold here in Wisconsin. (photo courtesy of jamesottogray)

I am crying any time a slow song comes on the radio though. But now I know it’s from menstrual hormones and won’t be disappointed when my (.) comes.