This is the boring part. The waiting. It’s still too soon to test but it doesn’t stop me from analyzing every twinge my body makes. I’m driving myself crazy.

My nipples have been super sore and sensitive the past two days. I started to get excited but then I realized it’s probably because my progesterone levels have peaked. My girlfriend caught me squeezing my boobs today. Fellow infertiles, you know what I’m talking about. She just laughed. She’s been through all this. She has two little monsters two year old boys from IVF and is pregnant with a third.

I’m not feeling very optimistic about this cycle anymore. I am feeling kinda crampy this evening with a low backache. Typical PMS symptoms for me.

Next Wednesday will be the big reveal. Am I or not? Only the pee stick will tell.


The Two Week Wait

I am officially 4 days post ovulation. Exciting. Fertility Friend gave me dashed crosshairs on CD 14 but I know it’s wrong. I am officially in the two week wait. Not much to do now. I will add natural progesterone cream to my repetoire just til I get a positive or negative on a test. I am going to try very hard to wait until May 2nd to test. That will be 14 dpo and I should get a definitive answer by then. I will probably POAS a few days before that just because I am completely psychotic when it comes to waiting to test. I always say I will but it never happens. Keep your fingers crossed that this is it for K and I. If you’re the praying kind, I would appreciate a few sent my way.