Might be a slight divergence

This may turn into a wedding blog part time. I’m quite excited to be wedding planner for my brother and his fiancĂ©. I hope she likes my ideas. We’re going to go over some of the ideas I have tonight at my dad’s bar. Yeah, the weddings not until October 2013 but we have to have an idea of what they want so we can set a budget.

Now to find a barn within 50 miles of where they live. Everyone we know actually uses their barns for farming. Crazy, huh?


The Wedding

I am not one of those people who got up at three in the morning to watch IT. (Notice though I give The Wedding proper capitalization. Everyone knows it’s the only wedding that matters.)

I went to bed at one this morning so getting up at three just wasn’t going to happen. I love my sleep more than Will and Kate. Way more.

I did check out the dress right away when I woke up though. It was the only thing I cared to see regarding this circus. I love me a beautiful wedding gown.

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK

If you want details on the gown, go to one of the thousands of websites that care.

I just think it’s pretty.