Just an update

I know I meant this blog to be all about baby making but honestly, my life is so much more than that. Also not much has been happening. Do I really want to post every freaking day that, yup, I’m still bleeding or no sign of ovulation yet.

I do have an ultrasound on Monday. The doctor said my ovary was slightly enlarged and wanted to check it out after my course of a double dose of Provera. That’s all that’s happening reproductively speaking. I bled super super heavy for about 8 days after taking the Provera and it’s now lightening up so I should stop in the next few days.

I’m still taking the vitex and just eating better and exercising almost every day. Just waiting til next week to find out what’s next.

Oh, because I’ve gained tons of weight since the last time I saw my MIL, she thinks I’m preggo because the Provera made me have pregnancy symptoms and I kept rubbing my belly around her. That I kind of did on purpose. So she keeps asking everyone that knows us since K told her it’s nome of her business. Yeah, my hubby is getting a bit disgusted with his mother.

Have a great night (or day if that’s when you’re reading this).


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