20 Things

Every so often, a friend posts a list of twenty things on Facebook. What the heck? I might as well give it a try.

1. I actually made something I pinned to Pinterest today. Carrot Curry Bisque. It was delicious.

2. I used to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair after shampooing. I ran out and switched to dandruff shampoo. I now have greasy hair and horrible dandruff. Time to switch back.

3. K is offended because I want to go turkey hunting by myself this year. He wants to call one in for me.

4. I want to go by myself because I am unable to get one when he is with me. I can’t go into the reasons why. They might be violations. Then again, they might not be.

5. I fear that if I didn’t have K in my life, I would be a cat lady.

6. Then again, I never wanted a cat until I was with him.

7. I am incredibly annoying when I talk to my cats. I refer to them as my babies.

8. I wish I could purge our house of everything the ex-wife picked out.

9. I can’t because K likes the stuff.

10. Actually, I would just like to move completely to get the ghost of that first marriage out of our house.

11. I still have some Christmas decorations up. I can’t find the box they are supposed to go in.

12. I hate TVs in bedrooms. We have one in ours. K watches it to relax before falling asleep.

13. I can’t fall asleep unless it’s completely quiet and no lights are flashing.

14. I have Alice im Wunderland (Alice in Wonderland in German) on VHS. I need to get it switched to DVD.

15. I speak German at a conversational level.

16. I lived in Germany for nine months working as an au pair.

17. My first love was a man I met in Germany.

18. K is only my second serious relationship. The first was the man from Germany.

19. I never wanted to waste time in a relationship if I thought marriage wasn’t in the cards.

20. My extended family thought I was a lesbian until I started bringing K around.

There you go. Twenty things you didn’t know about me.

I hope your day is going as well as mine.


Tuesday’s Random Thoughts


That’s how I feel today. Just blah and sour.

Sunday, when I was having my crappy, feeling bad for myself day, my husband came through and showed me once again how wonderful he is. He had woke up early to go hunting that morning and kissed me goodbye which made me cry. I thought he was doing his usual ignore-it-and-she’ll-stop thing because he didn’t say anything and left. He admits he doesn’t know what to do when I’m like this so he does nothing.

Well, I expected him to be gone all day. He came home at 11:00, got me out of bed and made me come downstairs. Somehow, he convinced me to go hunting with him that afternoon and I was actually excited about it. But first, we watched the Packer game and I made homemade pizza for lunch.

So K took me hunting with him. He set me up in a tree stand about a hundred yards from him. I am not set up yet to go bow hunting (outfitting yourself with a bow is expensive) so I took a book along with me. I read for a little bit then put my head down for a nap. When I woke up, I saw a doe walking through the woods. K saw a buck out in the field but nothing came in close enough to get a good shot. What a shame. I would really like some fresh venison.

It was relaxing sitting out in the woods. I thought my mind would be swamped with everything but it was calm and I ended up enjoying myself.

I’m back to work after being home for two weeks because of back pain. The final verdict on my back? The muscles around my hips were so tight they pull my vertebrae out of alignment. I now have a series of exercises and stretches to prevent it from happening again. At least it was something simple. I feel very good now.

My family and I love to play Scrabble. I always win. I’m not bragging. I just have a very large vocabulary and see words I can create better than my family. I’ve never cheated even though I get accused of it (good-naturedly, of course). My family has never demanded a strip search in their accusations, though.

Well, I could write lots more but I have to leave in a few minutes to see my second client of he day.

Have a great Tuesday. I will.